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PIT Solutions

PIT Solutions provides people-first technology solutions and support. Our focus on workforce development ensures that project management and strategic planning are integrated into clients’ business processes from the start.  We hire the best people for the job and provide the tools and training necessary for outstanding performance and peace of mind.

Our Services

Our Services
Help Desk & Support

First-line to provide technical assistance and support, providing exceptional customer service for the end-user.

Systems Administration

Manage and maintain operational and technical systems at the highest standard of operations, adhering to proper policies and procedures.


Identify, diagnose, and report targeted attacks and other suspicious activity using a variety of network-based tools.​

IT Infrastructure

Highest quality equipment installation and maintenance, including cables, hardware, and software services.

Project  Management

Project management and strategic solutions for optimal efficiency and services, delivering long-term benefits.

Workforce Development

Education and training opportunities for optimal performance for current and prospective employees.

Ready to find out more?

We have the team and technical expertise combined with a proven track record of success in supporting critical Information Technology infrastructure projects in complex multi-vendor environments.  We understand the “big picture” and execute the boldest of organizational visions.  We look forward to providing solutions and supporting your technological and personnel needs.

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